Medication Assisted Therapy

Cedar Hills Hospital, a mental health facility, now offers a long-term medication management program at our outpatient location in Portland, Oregon. The new medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program can include the initiation or maintenance of Suboxone®/Subutex or other psychiatric medications to help patients maintain recovery.

The program includes outpatient group therapy sessions for mental health and/or substance use issues at our behavioral health facility. Cedar Hills Outpatient Program has flexible co-occuring programs that are available both during the day and evening so patients can maintain their regular schedules while in treatment.

Ongoing medication management is available as needed with attendance in our continuing care group.

If you have a question about our outpatient programs at our mental health facility, or would like to know what to expect, click here or call 971-228-8000. We can help you stay on the path for a healthier future.

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