Military Substance Abuse Program

The Military Substance Abuse program treats military personnel, adult family members and Veterans who are dealing with dependence or addiction. Utilizing the 12-step model, Hazelden’s evidence-based Living in Balance curriculum and cognitive behavioral therapy, the patient is guaranteed to receive the best holistic care to get them back to a more functional life.

A multidisciplinary treatment team, which can include faith-based assistance, aids in the completion of step work. Our program offers:

  • A safe, comfortable environment for detox and rehab
  • Evaluation by a board-certified psychiatrist with ongoing interviews
  • Medication initiation and assessment
  • Group therapy classes on acceptance and commitment therapy, identifying triggers, relapse prevention, managing cravings, addiction cycle education and an introduction to sober living activities
  • Faith based group therapy with a Chaplain
  • Introduction to the 12-step program, a proven model for sobriety with work up to step five
  • AA/NA meetings and how to identify and select an appropriate AA/NA sponsor
  • Supportive therapy opportunities (Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Tai Chi, Music, Recreation and Art Therapy)
  • Complete relapse prevention plan
  • Discharge and aftercare planning in collaboration with your base commanders and medical providers

If you know a service member, family members, or Veteran in need of substance use treatment, our military admissions coordinator is available to provide guidance and assistance at (877) 601-5303.