Cedar Hills Hospital Adds 10 Psychiatric Beds

Cedar Hills Hospital was licensed for 89 beds, an expansion of 10 beds, effective on September 19, 2014.

Cedar Hills Hospital has been operating on a waiting list to serve adult patients who are in need of treatment for a psychiatric disorder or substance abuse detox. When the hospital approached the community about the capacity issues they were facing, many local hospitals and agencies were supportive of the expansion.

“One of the main barriers that exist, not only at our hospital, but within the Portland metro area, is access to treatment. The expansion of our facility will allow us to better serve our community,” says Dr. Brian Esparza, Medical Director at Cedar Hills.

Our goal, with this expansion, is to provide more access to mental health and substance abuse treatment. As the only freestanding psychiatric hospital in the State of Oregon, Cedar Hills Hospital sees a large majority of the mental health and detox patients from across the state.

“We saw a need in the community for more psychiatric beds since Cedar Hills has deflected 291 referrals so far this year. It is exciting that we have the capacity to serve more patients in need,” says Elizabeth Hutter, CEO.
Even with the expansion, Cedar Hills is already operating near capacity at 89 beds.