The Women’s Program

The Women’s Program is designed for adult women who have a history trauma and/or may have been diagnosed with PTSD. Many women suffering from the impact of trauma may also have a variety of other mental health and substance abuse issues. The program is designed to address not only the impact of trauma, but to also focus on many co-occurring issues.

 You may have experienced or may be experiencing:

  • Depression, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts.
  • Trauma including physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse, domestic violence or severe occupational stress.
  • Postpartum depression, loss of pregnancy, or menopause resulting in loss of daily function.
  • Relationship and/or life transition problems including marital conflict, divorce, caretaker and/or parenting stress, grief and loss, or anger management issues also resulting in a loss of daily function
  • Substance abuse from alcohol, opiates and/or prescription medication

Program Features

The Women’s Program focuses on the treatment of trauma, addressing the impact of traumatic events on day to day living. The program utilizes evidence-based practices, which honors what research indicates as effective, focusing on improving the quality of life of our patients. Our strengths-based program also utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), components from Seeking Safety (Najavits, 2002) along with other approaches. By combining these therapies patients can learn to change destructive patterns of behavior leading to feelings of distress and hopelessness. Much like the core tenants of DBT, the Women’s Program aims to teach skills to help women cope with overwhelming emotions, improve relationships with others, promote self-awareness, and teach skills to deal with life’s stressors. The ultimate goal is to promote hope, strength, and self discovery.

At Cedar Hills Hospital, we provide:

  • A safe, secure, and compassionate environment
  • A board-certified psychiatrist and master’s level therapists specifically trained in working with women and trauma
  • Group therapy focused on building and developing coping skills, emotion regulation and healthy behavior patterns
  • Holistic, supportive therapies to include Acupuncture, Yoga, Tai Chi, Music, Recreation and Art Therapy
  •  AA/NA meetings provided by the recovery community
  • Accommodations for inclusion of transgendered persons
  • Individualized discharge and aftercare planning

Is your wife, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, girlfriend, or friend struggling with trauma, mental health and/or addiction? Please give us a call at (503) 944-5000.

 *This program is provided on a co-ed unit.