Military Chronic Pain Program

The Military Pain Program is designed to measurably decrease or eliminate the need for prescribed pain medications by educating the service member regarding the physical and mental realities and perceptions of pain. He or she will meet with our medical director, Dr. Phyll Zuberi within 24 hours admission and create a plan to decrease the narcotic medications he/she is taking while consulting with the patient’s physician at the military treatment facility. At the same time our clinical staff seeks to reduce and then, if possible, eliminate the service member’s reliance on prescribed narcotics.

What is the goal? Upon graduation of the program he or she can return to duty with a lessened medication dependence or entirely narcotic free.

There are three critical areas that impact soldiers with pain and the program addresses each of these three areas with the Service Member in-depth and then collectively with providers on post or at their assigned duty station.

  • Narcotic medication dependence
  • Co-occurring mental illness including suicide ideation
  • Medical problems from injuries

In The Military Program, we believe in an integrated treatment program that produces long-term success in pain reduction and narcotics dependency. We provide:

  • A safe, secure and comfortable environment
  • Ongoing psychiatric evaluation and assessment
  • Ongoing medical evaluation
  • Ongoing medication assessment in conjunction with military formularies and providers
  • Multidisciplinary team addressing physical and mental health
  • Learn how to manage your prescribed medication(s)
  • Cognitive processing therapy (CPT)
  • Physical training
  • Holistic, supportive therapies to include Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Tai Chi, Music, Recreation and Art therapy
  • Relaxation training
  • Aftercare planning with base commanders and medical providers

Do you know a service member suffering from chronic pain related to his or her service? Our military admissions coordinator is available to provide guidance and assistance at (877) 601-5303 (CONUS/OCONUS).