Behavioral Pain Management Program

Chronic pain affects tens of millions of Americans, many of whom have tried medications, surgeries, or other procedures without finding relief. Pain can affect a person’s mood, ability to work, family relationships, daily activities and social lives. Over time, people may restrict their activities and relationships, separating them from the things that had once given their lives pleasure and meaning.  The goal of the Pain Management Program is to help people learn the skills they need to both decrease their pain and increase the quality of their lives.

For many chronic pain sufferers, dependence on opiate medications or self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs becomes an added burden on top of the other challenges of living with pain. We help patients address the addictive process and develop a safe and effective approach to pain medications. For some patients, this can mean coordinating with your existing physician to transition from opiates to buprenorphine for managing chronic pain.

Behavioral Pain Management Program

In the inpatient program, patients participate in a full day of activities, learning to use a wide variety of tools to reduce pain and increase quality of life.

 What the program provides:

  • Daily meetings with a psychiatrist or medical provider to oversee your care and make medication adjustments
  • Twice daily therapy groups where you will learn specific skills to effectively manage pain
  • Mindfulness and Awareness Skills
  • Stress Management and Relaxation Training
  • Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Stretching and Cardiovascular Training
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Acupressure and Acupuncture
  • Biofeedback
  • Referrals to community resources, ongoing care and coordination with your doctors

What the program does not provide:

  • Medical interventions such as Surgeries, Nerve Blocks, Trigger Point Injections, etc

If you or a loved one is struggling with chronic pain or dependence/addiction, please give us a call at (503) 944-5000.